SUCCESS(ish): FX505DY Ryzen APU


-Asus FX505DY Gaming Laptop

-CPU: Ryzen 5 3550h

-GPU1: Vega 8 Mobile

-GPU2: Radeon RX 560x

-RAM: Hynix 8 GB basic ram(no details)

-Storage: 256 GB WD Black NVMe M.2

-Storage: 500 GB WD Blue Sata SSD —————————————————————————

What works?

-So far everything from usb to sound and webcam are working, as well as FaceTime/iCloud

-Wireless chip is unsupported as of now(Realtek) but have Broadcom coming in the mail.

-SATA is iffy and doesn’t always work, still working out DSDT for my configuration.

-Graphics acceleration via RX 560x dGPU with Metal

What doesn’t work?

-Graphics acceleration via Vega 8, as expected

-WiFi, Bluetooth, airplay, airdrop and anything requiring a wireless connection for now

-I2C ELAN1200 trackpad, which I don’t mind as I don’t like a trackpad anyway

What’s under the hood?

Boot loader: OpenCore 0.6.1







-Realtek8111 Ethernet

-Voodoo PS2





Installed macOS Version:

-macOS Catalina 10.15.6


I will continue to post updates as well as help anyone who needs my help!!!

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