Success Hackintosh but no Blutooth ! Help !


I followed a guide and built my second Hackintosh using Open Core. Everything works fine, except for the Blutooth part. I installed a Fenvi Wifi+BT card which is supposed to work natively. The wifi works fine. But i can't get the Blutooth to work simply because NO Blutooth options are available in my System Preferences... Could it be because i installed the pci card in the computer AFTER i installed Catalina ? And the system, since it didn't see a BlutTooth device, didn't install the extension ?

I have a Gigabyte Z390 Designare motherboard + i9 9900K.

Could there be a way to get the Blutooth option to appear in my System Preferences ? I'd hate to have to reinstall everything, as i already transferred all my files/installed apps.

Thanks for helping out !



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