Samsung Laptop failed installation of OpenCore led to boot loop (possibly corrupt NVRAM)

Samsung Laptop failed installation of OpenCore led to boot loop (possibly corrupt NVRAM)

Hi, I have a relatively old Samsung laptop (Samsung Series 7 Chronos, NP700Z5C-S02US) that I suddenly wanted to try installing macOS on it. After a long hassle, it is currently stuck at a boot loop where, it will show a Samsung bios screen, then shut down immediately, and repeating that continuously. I tried to boot into my usb again to possibly fix this issue but I was unable to select any of the drives connected to this computer (including hard drive AND usb drives) in the boot menu hence could not do much about it.

Currently this laptop

- is in boot loop

- can access BIOS and change its settings

- detects connected hard drives at the overview page of the bios menu


- does not detect any drive in the boot menu (Both boot priorities in BIOS and booting disk selectors)

- Only option that I can see in the boot menu (even with install usb unplugged) is "OPENCORE" (which is strange given that I have not even installed macOS on its hard drive) but it doesn't do anything if I try to boot into it.

I have tried the following options but were no luck:

- Resetting BIOS to its default by going into bios and selecting Load Default Configurations

- Taking out rams that I can take out (I could only take out one ram stick), taking out battery connector and leaving it for couple hours and trying turning on computer again

- Using a USB with different installer disk in it (I tried Ubuntu)

- Booting into a recovery partition by pressing F4 key during boot up (This did work initially, though after unplugging and replugging hard drive it stopped working)

A brief overview of what I have done with this computer is:

I followed the guide on this website to prepare my mac os install usb with open core in it and tried to boot my laptop off from the usb for the first time but the laptop suddenly shut down while it was showing those verbose texts on the screen. I found it weird but I tried again, next time it worked its way to macOS recovery but now the screen was sort of scrambled. (I was able to view contents but the screen was having a greyed out lines all over) Also, a boot option of "OPENCORE" appeared in my computer's boot menu entry which was weird since I haven't even installed macOS on my laptop.

Anyway, I assumed that I made a mistake in the process of collecting my kexts or building my config.plist and went over that again to make sure I have selected the right kexts and options. But even after all those trials, it was still showing the same result. This was probably the point where I should uploaded about my issue on this subreddit but instead, I decided to naively try that "reset NVRAM" option in the opencore boot menu as, since I also own a real mac, I thought resetting NVRAM would be pretty much the same thing and would possibly help this display issue (oh why have I made such a stupid choice...) After resetting NVRAM, my memory isn't clear from that point but I think I shut down my laptop, went back to the computer that I was making the install usb, checked config.plist, possibly changing some display-related configs, then plugged it back into the machine and tried booting from my USB, but the computer was unable to detect my usb and it went into an endless boot loop. From that point, I was unable to even boot into my original windows hard drive since nothing has been showing up on the laptop boot menu other than "opencore".

After googling countless hours, searching through countless forums about this issue, I think this computer has a similar symptom of samsung laptops with a corrupted NVRAM and the bios must be re-flashed in order for NVRAM to be rebuilt. Does anyone have an experience similar to this that can suggest how I might be able to handle this issue? I know this is so specific and I might end up with no solutions but I really want this to get it fixed so that I will be able to use it even for a simple windows laptop.

Thank you for reading such a long post of a hackintosh noob that miserably failed :(

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