Regarding Compatibility with Huawei Matebook D13 2020 (Amd Version)

Hello, so I have been looking at people make hackintosh systems using their pcs/laptops and as I needed one and I do not have the money to get one so I wanted to try one and I did on my desktop however I have a nvdia Graphics Card and it will not work. So my final choice is my laptop matebook D13 2020 AMD

It has r5 3500u

Amd Radeon vega 8 Graphics.

So my question really is can I install a hackintosh with those specs and do I need anything special? I have seen a post on githhub regarding matebook 13 but I am not sure if its for amd as one of the files say intel graphics and if I can do it and there is a website that has this all done please send it to me.

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