Pairing Filco Majestouch 2 Convertible keyboard to my dual boot

I'm trying to pair my bluetooth keyboard to both my OSes but I'm at to my wits' end. The keyboard in question is a Filco Majestouch 2 Convertible TKL. This might be pertinent since the keyboard should be able to connect to up to four different devices using what they call "device registration/toggle keys". The first thing I tried was pairing first Windows (Win10) to registration key 1 and then MacOS (Catalina) to registration key 2. They both worked initially, but after pairing to MacOS the keyboard would no longer register key strokes in Windows (while the pairing was still visible in the Windows BT settings).

After some unsuccessful fiddling with this, I went down another route. I tried to share a single pairing between the OSes, trying first the steps in this r/hackintosh thread, then what seems to be a similar solution from this GitHub. None of these solutions made the BT pairing remain between OSes and I feel like I'm no closer to a solution after hours of searching.

Does anyone have experience with similar issues? Or maybe there's someone just savvier than me who can shed some light on why this issue occurs and guess at possible solutions? Truly grateful for any input in this matter.

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