OC problems :(


Asus z390-a

sapphire rx590


1tb ssd samsung evo pro

Hello everyone I have two problems with my build and maybe someone can help me.

1) Im on opencore and when i shut down my computer and start it back up it goes into SafeMode upon startup. Its not a big issue as I can just manually shut it off and then start it up its just annoying.

2) Also my computer cant enter bios while SSD's are in as i have multiple. This started happening upon my first build with Clover. I upgraded hardware and on open core i have the same problem, I have to take out both SSD's to enter Bios. I have tried reseting CMOS battery and updating bios to latest update.

Other then this my build has no problems, Im excited to update to Big Sur any one have sugestions on how to do it well?

Anyone have any suggestions?

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