[OC] Can't get bluetooth working using official Apple Broadcom card

[OC] Can't get bluetooth working using official Apple Broadcom card

So i have a intel NUC8 with an adapter for apple PCI wifi card. The adapter has a USB out which connects to a USB header on the motherboard. I'm also using the four of the following antennas, 3 of which are used by the BCN943602CDP card for wifi and one for bluetooth.

Upon installation my wifi works perfectly, i'm getting full bars and full speed compared to intel wifi (the nuc has integrated wifi on motherboard) when connecting to my router downstairs which i'm very impressed by. Bluetooth obviously didn't work out of the box. The internal USB headers were not configured correctly so this is what i did.

  1. delete intelbluetooth kext from config.plist and add USBInjectAll.kext to kexts folder and add it at the end of config.plist kexts array like this, i didn't do anything else (and I don't know if i had to), i'm also using USBPorts.kext

 <dict> <key>BundlePath</key> <string>USBInjectAll.kext</string> <key>Comment</key> <string></string> <key>Enabled</key> <true/> <key>ExecutablePath</key> <string>Contents/MacOS/USBInjectAll</string> <key>PlistPath</key> <string>Contents/Info.plist</string> </dict> 
  1. After restarting my bluetooth behaved just like the intel bluetooth, I could see devices in the list and connect my Airpods ,but my Logitech mouse wouldn't work properly, it would connect initially and then in 5 seconds disconnect, then a duplicate mouse would show up in the list of available bluetooth devices.Because I saw the same behaviour with Intel bluetooth I suspected that my intel bluetooth still worked for some reason so I removed the intelBluetooth kext completely from the kexts folder.After restart bluetooth still showed up as on ,but no devices would ever show up in the list, no idea why

Now i'm not sure if this was after step 1 or after step 2 ,but this is what how the apple bluetooth showed up in hackintool USB ports


But it has changed to this, this change might have happened after i cleared NVRAM which i did after step 2 didn't work.


I also get some failures during boot that seem to be related to bluetooth I believe


I'm not sure what to do now, does bluetooth on even mean that some bluetooth device is detected or would it be like that even if no bluetooth was there ?
EDIT : Also in bluetooth the spinner that appears in same block as devices doesn't stop spinning if that means anything.

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