New Setup and Now Clover Boot is Gone. No USB stick. Can I get it back?

Well, the title sums it up pretty well. Guess I’m screwed!

Here’s what happened: my PC went into sleep mode and never woke up after that. My guess is that my CPU failed, since it was reaching +100°C while gaming on Windows recently. But anyway, luckily enough, I was already planning on upgrading my 5 year old PC and had already bought a new CPU, motherboard and everything else (except for the GPU). Now my new PC is built, I’ve got an i7 10700k, the Asus TUF Z490-Plus and 32GB of RAM.

My previous setup was: i7 4790k - MSI Z97-G45

The problem is: all my Clover boot options are gone! I can’t see any of the two disks I use for the Hackintosh listed on the boot settings on the BIOS.

And an even worse problem: I don’t have a Mac anymore (sold my MacBook last year) and the USB stick with the Unibeast install is gone, I’d recently used it for other purposes and had it formatted...

The question is: is there any way to have my Hackintosh (High Sierra) back? I’m not so experienced, been using this Hackintosh for 5 years and had very little issues, all the updates from Yosemite to High Sierra were so easy to do. I barely remember how to do it all again!

Thank you so much, guys!

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