Mojave vs Catalina display resolution and refresh rate options

Hello everyone. I hope that someone could help me on this. Ive been on opencore vanilla in mac os catalina and Ive been super satisfied with my hacks performance. My only issue is that I have some software that I need for work that is incompatible with this version of mac os.

Ive been testing Mojave on a separate drive and Ive loved it. My only issue here is that my usual resolution for my monitor is 2560 x 1440 @60hz. This option was always available on Catalina and now on mojave it isnt available. I can not live with 30Hz at all and 4k at 60hz resolution makes everythin soo small and 1920p at 60hz is too big.

My old resolution was perfect but Ive tried many alternatives. Even when holding down option on display preferences the refresh rate is still locked.

Ive tried easy res and I dont get this option in their menu. No luck on switchresx either

My EFI is identical to my Catalina drives but for some reason this has changed. I really hope someone can help me fix this so I can get on with my life and never have to use Catalina again.

Im using an hdmi cable coming from my rx580s output to my 4k tvs input. I tried all types of settings on the tv as well.

Thanks :)


My specs

Z390 aorus pro wifi board

Xfx rx580 gpu

i7 9700k

Open core 0.6.1

OS build: Mojave 10.14.6 and catlina 10.15.6

EDIT: I Feel stupid. I checked deeper settings on the tvs input and check that hdmi mode 2.0 is enabled. Thay solved the issue in case anyone has this problem.

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