kernel_task high cpu usage?

I am currently running a HP Pavillion x360 11-u112tu hackintosh running Catalina and it I have fixed everything except for one issue that I have no idea about. I've tried disabling certain kexts and searching for answers online, but on most boots, the kernel_task in activity manager takes up around 50-80% cpu usage at idle. I have absolutely no idea about what's causing the issue, but I suspect that it could be due to VirtualSMC not providing a fan speed as my laptop doesn't have a fan speed sensor since it couldn't detect one on Windows. I am also currently using OpenCore. The specs are:

  • i3 7100U
  • 120GB SATA SSD
  • Intel HD 620 (Using device-id 1659)

The kexts that I am currently using are:

  • AppleALC (layout 13)
  • Black80211+itlwm (have tried without)
  • IntelBluetoothFirmware (have tried without)
  • Lilu+WhateverGreen
  • Sinetek-rtsx (have tried without)
  • VirtualSMC+SMCBatteryManager+SMCProcessor
  • USBPorts (custom made)
  • VoodooPS2 (w/ gestures for ELAN)

EDIT: I've narrowed it down to just AppleALC causing the high kernel_task cpu usage. I've seen that some other layouts have caused issues, but I've not seen this one do so. I'm injecting the layout-id through device properties instead of the boot flag.

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