I've been overclocking my hackintosh cpu with pretty good results! any one does it around here? You guys have any ideas on how OSX will handle BIOS overclocking? I have been experimenting a little bit and I would love to share some experiences. Im on a fully functional Opencore Mojave i7 Hackintosh

So I have an i7 7700k an recently upgraded to faster ram. i got some Teamgroup Tforce TUF 3600mhz CL19, so my first move was to apply the XMP profile, I couldnt boot at 3600mhz so I setted up the memory to run at 3200mhz. after that the CPU started running stable at 4.7ghz on all cores (thats the turbo speed for the cpu, base clock is 4.2ghz) barely rising the temperatures, i was super awesome to see that it never downclocks or thermaly throttles. So I had to try and actualy overclock the cpu a bit more, I didnt go too far since I dont have any previous experience overclocking but I did 4.8 ghz on all cores this time with noticeable higher temps reaching almost 80 degrees celcius, and then I did 4.9ghz, getting it to the temperature limits, it was 100 degrees Celsius but not even then it downcloked or showerd any signs of thermal throttling. I was expecting to see a big drop in the clock speed if it went that hot but nothing, It went thru cinebench r20 benchmarks giving me better results each time I turned the CPU multiplyer up but i didnt want to burn anything so turned it back to 4.7. since it runs super smooth like that, snappy system gives me no problem whatsoever.

You guys have any ideas on how OSX will handle BIOS overclocking? I find computers fascinaing and overclocking seems pretty fun! I would really aprecciate any info you guys can share with me regarding your experiences overclocking your hackintosh machines.

i7 7700k (cinebench score from database) 2420 points

my i7 7700k on hackintosh with XMP enabled gives 2590 points

my i7 7700k on hackntosh tweaked to 4.9ghz gives 2673 points

OpenCore 0.6.0 Mojave 10.14.6


  • CPU: i7 7700k (of course)
  • GPU: Sapphire Pulse AMD RX 580 8gb. 52277 geekbench metal compute score. 46132 geekbench openCL compute score.
  • RAM: 32gb (2x16) Teamgroup Tforce Vulcan Tuf Gaming 3600mhz CL19 (running at 3200 for stability reasons)
  • Motherboard/Laptop model: Asus Z270M-Plus
  • Audio Codec: Realtek ALC887 But I deleted the internal audio device to use a RME Babyface Pro USB audio interface
  • Ethernet Card: Intel Ethernet (intelmausi kext)
  • Wifi/BT Card: Fenvi t919
  • Storage. 500GB Crucial P1 NVME M.2, 480GB WD Green SSD, 1TB Seagate HDD
  • EVGA 600 BR PSU 600w bronze
  • BeQuiet! single tower CPU cooler with 2 Noctua Static Pressure Fans into a PWM splitter to run both on the CPU fan header in the MOBO
  • What files/config I am using:
  • SSDT-EC-USBX.aml
  • SSDT-PLUG.aml
  • AudioDxe.efi
  • OpenCanopy.efi
  • OpenRuntime.efi
  • VBoxHfs.efi
  • AirportBrcmFixup.kext
  • AppleALC.kext
  • IntelMausi.kext
  • SMCProcessor.kext
  • SMCSuperIO.kext
  • USBPorts.kext
  • VirtualSMC.kext
  • WhateverGreen.kext
  • Extra Info: I use it mainly for music production and I havent had any problems so far. boot time is 34 seconds. Once I started using XMP memory profile my CPU stopped running at base clock, now it runs at 4.7ghz (boost clock speed) stable even under heavy loads. I got 2590 multicore cinebench r20 points wich is 170 points more than what cinebench istelf shows as the result for the same CPU. triple monitor woking fine, one runs at 165hz (which is useless for me and so nice at the same time). I added a USB 3 internal 20 pin angled adapter so the annoying cable from the front USB ports its hanging and in a nice position.
  • Last but not least I really admire how the masterminds behind OpenCore had implemented this state of the art piece of software. my respects go to them! also cheers to yall guys for this awesome community!!
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