I can't get past the "err(0xe) 0 @ lochb 71b4903c-14ec-42c4-bdc6-ce14499" error... when installing Catalina on a z390 board...

Motherboard: Aorus Z390 Ultra


RAM: Corsair: 16Gb

CPU:i9 Intel

SSD: Samsung 970 evo 1TB

I have tried many configurations of clover and open core, but I still cant boot the installer, it always hangs at the same error:
„err(0xe) 0 @ lochb 71b4903c-14ec-42c4-bdc6-ce1449930e49“

I currently have a usb2 stick with Catalina on it, and Open Core 0.6 on the EFI, however I have not been able to get past the above error, which comes almost immediately when booting.

It's driving me bonkers!

Can you see what I might be missing here?

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