Help with cloning disk between different bootloader

CPU: Intel core i5 4th GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4400 RAM:12GB dual channel Laptop model:Lenovo G50-70 Audio codec:AppleAlc Ethernet card:RTL8211 Guides: no one, I only tried to use Carbon Copy Cloner Config files: config.plist self-made (OpenCore), edited generic 4400 config.plist (clover)

Hi, I need some help, now I explain my problem. I started with Clover, so in a hard drive I have Mojave and Catalina, with Clover EFI. Now I have switched to OpenCore and as proof I have installed the Big Sur beta (but this has NOT to do with the problem). Now I would like to clone my Catalina installation (which was with Clover as mentioned above) to my new disk with OpenCore. So, first of all, is it possible? If so, how? The only attempt I made was to try mildly to make a copy with Carbon Copy Cloner, but the program had already told me that that copy would not be bootable.If it helps, the filesystem Catalina is installed on is an APFS volume. Hope someone can help me, thanks in advance.

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