DSDT Patches

DSDT Patches

Is there some sort of tutorial or guide that I may have missed that explains how to go from loading a patched DSDT to just get the fixes needed for, say BAT1 without having to load a full DSDT? Reloading an entire DSDT seems sloppy and all the reputable tutorials (Rehabman, etc) advise against it, but in no way have described how to make just a BAT1 patch - does it become a SSDT? or no because SSDT is for other aspects like EC, HPET and USB?

For example. I used SSDT-Time to create SSDT-EC and SSDT-UIAC. TBH don't know if my system worked natively, the system works fine without. BUT, the point is, I used these to model other SSDTs that I do need for my audio to work, RTC and IMEI. After compiling and adding the *.aml like I would any other in the ACPI>Add.

I feel that I am missing something in the creation of a single purpose .aml patch. Attached is the SSDT-Time's generated EC aml and the IMEI that I created.

Left - My IMEI patch. Right - SSDT-Time EC patch

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