DRM seems to be broken on Safari 14 Catalina

DRM seems to be broken on Safari 14 Catalina

Did anyone upgrade Safari from 13 to 14 on Catalina? Everything was fine until I upgraded Safari this morning and Netflix started to report Error Code S7760. I thought this is related to DRM and tried to playback Amazon Prime Trailer according to Dortania's DRM guide, which works fine. Apple TV+ is fine too by the way, so it doesn't look like the DRM is completely broken.

I'm not sure whether this is a WhateverGreen patch issue or something to do with Safari itself. I mean, aren't both Prime Trailers and Netflix suppose to use hardware FairPlay 2.0/3.0 decoder according to manual? Why would Netflix seem to be broken while Prime Trailers are fine?

my specs and configurations:

  • iGPU + dGPU
  • SMBIOS: iMac19,1
  • shikigva=80

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