dell Inspiron 15 5567 (P66F Model) How to install hackintosh?

Hello users! Lemme clear some things out, I searched for information about how to install on this machine but with no luck.. there were like every single model instead of mine..

Here are some specs of my laptop:
CPU: Intel Core i5-7200U @ 2.50GHz
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 620 and Raden R7 M445
HDD: I have installed 1TB of HDD in my computer.
SSD: - have SSD in my CD ROM slot 120GB

This is my first time installing, and no. I do not have MacBook next to me to be able to get an image to install, so I'll have to use virtual machine.. or if you have any other idea..

Please help me, as I'm not really good with all of this.. I tried once, but I fucked it up so.. it was like 2 years ago.. Thank you again for reading this!

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