Building a new higher-end Hack. Used for coding/design/music production, day-trading, and well as dual-booting for gaming + dual monitors. Ryzentosh or Intel, the million dollar question?

I'm not trying to blow my entire wad and buy the best money can buy... but it's time for an upgrade from my old Hack.

Probably $2-2.5k cap + new monitors. Looking for a nice GPU, great CPU, 64GB RAM, and all the bells/whistles. Probably the native Apple WiFi card from eBay.

I'm aware of Adobe problems with Ryzentoshes. Aware of Docker VM issues with Ryzen. I may be able to work around that.

I've tried to price different specs out, but I just can't decide which way to swing. I don't seem to be getting that much of a discount going with a Ryzentosh? Am I just picking the wrong components?

Is OC as easy to do with Intel-based as it seems to be with Ryzens? I'm over Clover.

Can I get native TB3 with either of them?

I know these sound like vague questions, but I've done a lot of research and I just need my HackFam to help push me one way or another.

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