Zenbook Hack!

Zenbook Hack!

Hi, guys at r/hackintosh! Finally, I got the guts to Hackintosh my personal laptop, of which I bring to school every day (I'm in junior high). My first hack was a DELL Inspiron 5559 (thanks to u/ArtikusHG). This hack took me about 10 hours, consisting of two days of work. Maybe I'm a perfectionist, but that's what drives this community, right? People want that perfection with macOS that we are willing to spend day and night to make it work. It is really an honor to be in this wonderful community, to help and be helped.

Special thanks to u/shivaay1234 for guidance

What works:

  • Screen
  • Keyboard
  • USB
  • Camera (surprisingly)
  • ALL trackpad gestures
  • Screen backlighting
  • Volume changing
  • Keyboard functions (used Karabiner-Elements)
  • HDMI over USB-C
  • USB / SD over USB-C
  • WiFi / BT (used itlwm)
  • Microphone / Speaker

What doesn't work:

  • Keyboard Backlighting (Don't have time to compile SSDTs and whatnot)
  • Location Services (itlwm emulates an ethernet device, and GPS requires wifi) :(
  • iMessage (I'm blacklisted according to the dortania guide) :(

Extra stuff that makes my laptop more user-friendly:

  • About this Mac (Cuz why not)
  • OpenCore (SWIFT BLISS)


  1. Use the standard dortania OpenCore guide.


Photo of Success

Specs in the comment section

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