Using BCM94360CS2 with BCM94360CD in E7440 Hackintosh Catalina

Hi! I was able to Install Catalina 10.15.6 on both a Dell E7470 and a Dell E7440 using Vanilla Clover installs. On the 7470, I used a NGFF M.2 Key A/E Adapter to install a BCM94360CS2 card in the WLAN port and it worked great. However, on the 7440, I tried using a Mini PCI-E version of the same adapter with the same card to install on the WWAN slot but it didn't work. It actually works when installed in the WLAN port (so the hardware is fine) but it doesn't fit under the cover (card is too long). I had read in a couple references that this combo installed in the WWAN port should work for WIFI/BT but not in my case. Is there some kext or driver I need to get the WWAN port to behave like the WLAN port?

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