USB not working in Catalina with OpenCore, works flawlessly with Clover


I managed to get my setup working with usb, sound, ethernet and bluetooth with clover, but I wanted to try OpenCore an managed to get it started to the login screen, but after that my usb stopped working. I've tried:

- Xhciportlimit on and off, no difference

- ReleaseUsbOwnership on and off, no difference. this was enabled in my clover setup

- all usb patches på PMheart, and USBinjectall.kext, no difference.

I tried to make a costum usb mapping while having clover booted up, but every port on my motherboard was under the same controller and even with the created kext or aml file all ports are still dead. I don't really know what to test more, anyone willing to help?

my specs are:

Motheboard: AsRock p67 Extreme 6

Cpu: i5 2500k

GPU: Gigabyte readon 570 4gb

RAM: corsair 16 gb 1600 mhz

here are the config for:



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