UPDATE: i'm using virtualbox and it is giving kernel panic

I tried switching to virtualbox instead of using vmware, so it finally boot, but with the following error:


from what I interpreted it seems to be an error in the processor registers because I use amd, and apple is currently only using intel. I did a vboxmanage command for the virtual machine to think that the processor is an intel core i7, but I think it didn't work. or the virtual disk file may be corrupted; or it could also be the fact that I'm using only one core for my virtual machine, so it won't be possible to virtualize the processor because the processor I put in to emulate is an i7-6700k, which has 4 cores, which is twice as many cores of my amd a6-9500 processor

CPU: amd a6-9500
GPU: amd radeon r5
RAM: 16gb ddr4
Motherboard/Laptop Make and Model: asrock a320m-hd
Audio Codec: elna audio
Ethernet Card: integrated into the motherboard
Wifi/BT Card: integrated into the motherboard
Touchpad and touch display devices: none
BIOS revision: ?????

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