Trying to install Mac OS on a 2nd 160 Gb internal HDD only using a 32 Gb SD card and a 8 Gb USB drive

So right now i only have available this for media: a 32 Gb SD drive, a SD USB adapter, a 8 Gb USB drive and a 160 Gb internal HDD (i have another one, 500 Gb but i use it for dual booting Windows/Linux), i formatted my 32 Gb SD drive, tried on a adapter, and nothing appeared on BIOS, USB won't even install a ISO, because it's too big for it, i was thinking if there is some way to use my 160 Gb drive or make a 500 Gb partition with all the files to install it on my 160 Gb HDD, also this is my first time doing a hackintosh project and will be my first time using a Mac (if that counts) ;My hardware: CPU: i3-3240; Motherboard- Kllisre B75; GPU: Intel HD 2500; RAM: 12 Gb (8 Gb stick is from my brother-in-law, he landed me for a while); HDD: 1x500 Gb 2.5" Western Digital and a 160 Gb 3.5" Samsung; I have a working Mac OS Catalina 10.6 VM on Linux, and some kext, readed and gone all the way through the provided tutorial on the subreddit links. If you guys have some idea or hints, i will be appreciated, also, I can't get a proper dedicated GPU now because I'm short of money, but i will seek out for it in some time, and sorry about the poor formatting on my post, I'm using my phone now

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