Tried all troubleshooting steps but could not get ALC1200 onboard audio working.

So after building my first Ryzen machine i wanted to return to the hackintosh club and using Ryzen went with OpenCore. Installation was a breeze thanks to the extensive documentation and simple design of OpenCore. I got the system up and perfectly running within two days but the only thing not working was audio. Whatever I did I couldn't get it to work after countless hours of messing with the config.plist and checking stuff I gave in and created a post here. My system is as follows:

-Ryzen 3 3100

-MSI B550 MORTAR Mobo with ALC1200 codec.


AppleHDA,Lilu,AppleALC all inject successfully (checked in terminal and Lilu does come before AppleALC)

When using alcid=1 boot-arg all the input and outputs show up and it even recognizes when you plug in Headphones

IORegistryExplorer sees HDEF device with correct layout id ,and all the input-outputs connected to it.

Also restored AppleHDA with clean one from new Install Image.

Everything seems just fine but there is no audio out of any ports whatsoever. The hdmi output of the RX5500XT also doesn't work. I also saw some forum posts about MSI ALC1200 boards not working with AppleALC but not sure if they resolved it.

I am not a newbie but don't know much about manual patching and configuring because I used Clover and automated tools up to this point on my Intel machine. Thanks for reading my question and any help would be appreciated. I will load my EFI folder to Gdrive and put a link under the post.

EFI Folder:

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