Switch from 3700X to 8700K, and other hardware questions.

Hey there!

I have a Catalina Opencore 0.5.9 build running right now on my 3700X with a 5600XT and 32GB of RAM. It's pretty good, but as I'm a video editor in Adobe apps, I'm experiencing a lot of issues and slowdowns, lag and other problems (even with the fixes) in those applications. Even in applications like Final Cut and compressor, there are always hitches and issues.

I have the chance at switching to an 8700k with an Asus Z370a Prime motherboard. Can anyone speak to those components, and give a bit of advice? Sure, I'd be sacrificing 4 threads, but with a higher clock on those threads and the added feature of actually being supported in macOS, is this switch worth while?

Thanks to everyone who replies!

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