Surface pro 3, need help with some things

Hey guys, after spending some time reading Dortania's OC guide, I finally tried installing Catalina on my Surface pro 3, OC is awesome, I tried to install Mojave before on this device with Clover but I was unsuccessful, most of the things didn't work with Clover.

But now with OC, pretty much everything works!

What's not working:

  • Wifi & bluetooth. (I'm using Wifi usb adapter TPLink U40)
  • Trackpad is shown as not found in syspref (it does work but only basic features, no scroll gestures, 2 fingers to rightclick etc, keyboard does work too.)
  • Battery status (I have SMCBatteryManager.kext on my EFI and on config.plist)

If I understand correctly after reading Dortania's guide, I shouldn't use DSDT.aml with battery patch status with OC. In clover I usually just use rehabman battery patch with the DSDT.

I'd love to have scroll gestures working (not really necessary) but It'd be awesome to have working battery status, can someone help me out getting the battery working? I'd greatly appreciate the help.

My EFI(serial edited)

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