Sporatic crashes on 10.15.6 OC 0.6.0 (8700k, Z370, 32GB RAM, 5600XT)

Hey guys,

I just switched from a Ryzentosh to an Intel based system, and while performance is pretty good, I'm still struggling with constant restarts. The thing that happens every time is that the system will hang, and my monitor starts to output a crackling noise. Sometimes it'll let me move my mouse around, sometimes not.

I've tried to look for crash logs but I can't seem to find anything in macOS, the whole system just hangs and stops working. I want to get this sorted out quickly.

A link to my whole EFI folder is below, with all my kexts, SSDT's and the config.plist I am using to boot this system with.


Any help with be massivly appreciated, as I need to get this system stable before I start work on a few major projects. Thanks!

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