Sooo I'm not exactly sure what my error code even is

Sooo I'm trying to Install Mac OS Catalina on My Dell Inspiron 5559 Laptop and I'm Having Trouble Booting the Install.

My Specs are as follows

CPU: i5 6200U

iGPU: Intel HD 520

dGPU: ATI Radeon R5 M335 2GB DDR3

RAM: 8GB (2 x 4GB)

HDD: 500GB Western Digital Black 7200rpm

Screen: 1366 x 768

I can get into Opencore to Select my MacOS Install but It just kinda stops at this screen In the Image. I did not use any prebuilt SSDT's they were all manual exept for the SSDT-PLUG

I followed the Opencore "Getting Started With ACPI" and "Intel Laptop config.plist - Skylake" To the Tea and I just cant wrap my head around it

I have tried with and without a Fix HPET Patch and SSDT as well as properly ticked the dell specific options in the config ( Dell Users For Skylake and newer:

  • Kernel -> Quirk -> CustomSMBIOSGuid -> True
  • PlatformInfo -> UpdateSMBIOSMode -> Custom)

Soooo Yeah any help would be appreciated.

Comments and PM's Welcome


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