OpenCore Success on Ryzen 7 1700, Need Help with Booting Issues

Wanted to see if I could pull off a Hackintosh build using OpenCore, and it was surprisingly straightforward. Great Job to the creators!

My specs:

CPU: Ryzen 1700

RAM: 8GB Adata XPGG Z1


Mobo: Asrock Fatal1ty ITX AB350 (upgraded to BIOS 4.9, previously 3.10 prior to configuring Mac)

OS: Opencore 0.5.9

Two caveats/what doesn't work (so far):

1) Booting issues. I have separate SSDs for each OS (Windows and Hackintosh). I prefer keeping the Windows as my main boot machine. I set my boot priorities as such in my BIOS/UEFI, and it worked great at first. I could even change boot preferences to have the Hack as #1 and it adjusted fine. A week in, it started automatically booting into the Hack even though I had Windows as the #1 boot option. When I went into the UEFI/BIOS, it erroneously showed the Hack as #1 boot option (???). I set it back to Windows, saved, and confirmed it saved, but it would eventually reset to the Hack as #1 boot option after the computer was off for a while or was unplugged and plugged back in. I did this 10+ times until I just gave up and disabled the drive. I looked at the dual booting Post-Install instructions, but it doesn't seem to address my problems. I've done a ton of research, and someone suggested the config.plist/ACPI/UEFI changes makes your computer think it's a Mac and therefore auto boot into it. I've tried reinstaling Windows to no avail. YOUR HELP IS GREATLY APPRECIATED.

2) Sleep surprisingly works. Moving the mouse wakes it up, BUT the screen stays black unless I click the mouse or press a key, in which case, screen turns on almost immediately. What could be causing it? Not doing the USB mapping? I was still in the process of refining when I stopped because of #1.

Any insight you can give me, especially on #1, would be incredible. Thank you!

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