OC: Failed to load configuration

Anyone else having issues updating from 0.5.9 to 0.6.0?

I've been using Opencore since 0.5.4 and have never had any issues updating my config/ kexts/drivers following dortania guide with each revision.

The error OC: failed to load configuation would appear to be a config.plist file problem, as it may not be able to locate or read the file properly?

Using latest version of xcode to amend the sample.plist

I've even re started the config file from scatch thinking that it may have been an incorrect entry/deletion of a line, but still no luck.

No issues booting from USB backup EFI and have reverted back to 0.5.9 for now on the System Drive.

Any ideas?



Asus Maximus X Code

i7 8700k



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