MacOS in VMWare?

I know it is possible to run MacOS in VMWare, but I wanted to ask a few questions:

1) Are there any any guides you specifically recommend me to use?

2) How fast will it be? I have seen people saying that it will be slow because there is no GPU Passthrough. Is GPU Passthrough possible in a VM? Are there ways to make it faster?

3) What parts of it wont work? Currently, I mainly need it for XCode and maybe a bit of facetime/iMessage/iCloud usage

4) Are there reliable links to download an ISO for MacOS? I know Apple Developer has download links to MacOS but i don't know what's there yet. I am also aware of a script that downloads it straight from Apple servers. Is it possible I can convert one of those to ISO and if so how? If not, then how can I get an ISO for it? I am looking for the most safest way possible to do this

Thanks in advance!

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