Lenovo M83 SFF OC After 10 yrs of wanting to make one, Finally got a chance to do it right.

Lenovo M83 SFF OC After 10 yrs of wanting to make one, Finally got a chance to do it right.


I was using this machine as a Linux Server, But I always wanted a Mac and here in Honduras they are expensive really expensive, and the idea of doing one for cheap has always been a thing i wanted to do for a long time.

I even made a talk in college several years ago (2009~2010) talking about the little knowledge I had and wanted to share it, I was using iAtkos (In that moment I did not know the safety issues of iAtkos) on my main PC on a HP a1640n (The ppt is ooold but is here in Spanish https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7hbqlL8tsquR0lZY0o0aHowTmc/view?usp=sharing) and due to being not completely stable had to go back to Windows.

Now the hackintosh I completed.

Mobo died for some reason during a heat wave (my brother left it on during a heat wave and forgot to shut it down it was running PopOS at the time.), so I had to replace it and the processor as well. I had to import the motherboard and got an i5 4590 (45~50 USD) locally, since the original 4570 was toast.


Lenovo M83 SFF

Core i5 4590


Generic Realtek N Wifi Card (made it work with a kext installer from Chris1111)

Seagate Barracuda 5400 RPM Laptop Drive (I have an Evo 850 that I will switch shortly).

MSI GT710 2 GB (Worked Out of the Box).

I had some issues with the ethernet and audio but I was able to fix them following the Dortania OpenCore guide and researching the chips being used on the motherboard.


All works including sleep.

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