How do I get my trackpad's physical buttons working?

I have a Lenovo B40-80 and my trackpad has Ideapad Physical Buttons (got this from ubuntu). Im currently using voodoops2controler, with my battery patched (didn't need to DSDT patch, the kext worked fine). Ive tried using the SSDT-Thinkpad-Trackpad.dsl, but when I compile it, it gives this error - 'Line 10, Code 6160, One or more prefix Scopes do not exist (_SB.PCI0.LPCB.PS2K._DSM)'

Specs are as followed

-Wifi: Atheros Wifi Card. -CPU: i3-4005u -GPU: HD 4400. -Trackpad: Synaptics Ps/2

if you need any more specs, ask in comments

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