High Res Screen Tearing and artifacting?

So, basically I've been working on running macOS on my Surface Pro 3, but am having one issue, I am able to install and use Catalina and Mojave with no issues, at 1600x900 (i think) there is nothing wrong, acceleration works and all, but when i go to the native res (2160x1440) I start having some issues, I cant change framebuffer size so I am unsure on whether that is the issue, I am pretty sure this is easier to fix on Opencore but it's working on Clover and I'm really not willing to switch tbh, a surface isn't an ordinary hackintosh so its not really something I can do without Clovers hacky ways, anyway, if anyone could help me with this issue that would be great!

Someone said it might be a display clock limitation in macOS and there was this https://github.com/Floris497/mac-pixel-clock-patch-V2 but i never tried it and it also only supports up to 10.14.6 so yeah-

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