Help with Opencore and catalina

I'm trying to install Catalina 10.15.6, but I can't select the partition because framework version.

Specs of my system are:

- Gigabyte z370m ds3h

- i3 8100

- 16 GB PNY 3200 mhz

- M.2 Kington A2000

I want to do a fresh installation on the m.2 first and then I'll install windows in other ssd, but I get stuck. I follow the guide from this page:

I formatted the M.2 with Disk Utility with both GUID partition Scheme and APFS, but I cant select this partition in the process.

If I format it with macOS Journaled I can select the partition but I get an error later on the installation.

I saw a posible solution for this at:

But I don't know what to do.. I have selected SMBIOS iMac19,1, and I generated the Serial, Board Serial, etc.

Anyone can help me?


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