Help picking a motherboard

Hi everyone. I have been running a hack for a number of years now as my daily driver; first with multibeast, then with clover, and I'm thinking about making the jump to opencore. My current rig is an intel 6700k on an MSI z170a and a Sapphire Vega56 card running Mojave. I have some intermittent issues with my system locking up when running multiple video intensive tasks (unity3d editor, screen sharing via google hangouts, etc) but for the most part things have been well for the past year or two on this machine.

A buddy of mine has offered to sell me an intel 8700 for a great price and I am considering rebuilding my machine to hopefully resolve my intermittent issues, update to Catalina, and opencore. My question is: which motherboard is going to give me the least bit of hassle and most stability? I've read the anti-buyers guide and can only find one z370 chipset at a decent price - an Asus Prime z370-P II. Is it worth restricting myself to that board due to the z370 chipset, or should I just dive into a z390 and deal with the workarounds? And if I should stick with the z390 can anyone speak to the cheaper asus z390s (primes etc)? I don't really need a lot of bells and whistles for my MB.


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