Hackintosh Questions (easy ones to answer)


I made the switch from windows to Mac a while back with a MacBook and then realized I needed a desktop to finish my projects on.

I bought my dream budget prebuild on eBay, and the guy was nice enough to make a recovery partition along with providing the EFI/kexts including for a GTX760 that I have coming in the mail so everything is plug and play. Bluetooth, WiFi, everything is great! Just waiting for the GPU for that sweet sweet hardware acceleration.

I will take the time to learn opencore/hackintosh eventually but I’m working 50-60 hours a week right now and can’t be bothered. I just want to know how to not brick my system and how to restore it.

What is the best way to brick-proof my setup? If I create a time machine backup of the boot drive as is right now after the seller did a fresh install , will I ALWAYS be able to recover from the drive through open core recovery by pressing option repeatedly at boot? Does the time machine backup have all the hackintosh config info kexts plist EFI etc such that it will just work ?

Or will I be better off buying an identical 500gb SSD, cloning the drive, and storing it in a safe place such that if I bricked the system I could just swap out the drives and then reclone the bricked drive?


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