Hackintosh on HP Omen 15 (dh1005na) with eGPU?

Hi!I recently purchased an HP Omen 15. Not specifically for a Hackintosh, mostly for work and some PC gaming. But I've also come to want to use macOS as a dualboot system. I do have experience with Hackintoshing as I was a fairly long-time user of Sierra and then High Sierra, on my desktop, back in the days where Clover was the go-to bootloader.

It comes with an i7-10750H CPU, which I believe should be compatible... The unfortunate thing about this laptop is it runs an RTX 2060 card (I am aware this is a total no-go) and the iGPU, the HD 630 has been totally disabled by HP and there is no way of restoring it even with BIOS mods. Boo.

Since it does have a full Thunderbolt 3 port, I was considering buying an eGPU, for use with the system. It doesn't need to be particularly powerful, just enough to run macOS on with at least some level of acceptable hardware acceleration. My question is are there any guides on making OpenCore boot up from an eGPU and ignoring any other graphics cards? I was looking on Dortania but was a little bit overwhelmed with the info there and couldn't find any specific switches apart from wegnoegpu, but I don't know if the OS would automatically detect a connected eGPU. Does anyone have any experience with this? I am also happy to go with the KVM route and use a Virtual Machine under Linux if that's any easier (it should still be roughly the same performance, minus a small amount of overhead from what I understand).

Thank you everyone!

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