Hackintosh dual boot RTX 2070 Windows 10 Machine and Radeon RX570 Hackintosh help!

Hi Hackintosh Community,

I am new to Hackintosh in general so bear with me! Anyways I had built a custom pc a couple of months ago. I refer to my specs in a previous post.

I recently decided it would be cool to develop an IOS application so thought why not get a 2 TB hard drive install it and just boot up a Hackintosh thinking it was that simple! Fast forward a few weeks and some research later and I find out that my RTX 2070 is not compatible for this. So I went ahead and figured out how to fit another GPU (XFX Radeon RX570), which seems to be setup fine and all.

After fiddling around and getting this installed I decided to use the Opencore Vanilla Guide. However this is where I am stuck and need some advice!

I watched some conflicting YouTube videos that mention using two usb's, one for the EFI and the other for the bootable OSX. The Opencore guide I followed says to create a partition in a single usb for the EFI and the other for the bootable OSX, which is what I did. I thought I followed the guide word for word and matched my components, got the right kext's, etc. Yet when I try to boot the usb it shows up with the usb name, but won't let me boot from it.

Any advice? Was thinking of trying to find some example EFI files to compare it to my own and see if I notice any differences, but I truly have no idea. I am especially sad since I literally installed another GPU just for this!

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