[Guide] macOS Catalina on a Dell Inspiron 5570 (Clover Hackintosh)


Hello fellow hackintoshers! I wanted to Hackintosh my 5570, but all the guides require bios editing. So, here's one that doesn't!

What you need

You don't need too many things. You need a 16GB or more USB drive and either a real Mac/hack or VM.


My laptop has:

CPU: i7-8550U

GPU: Intel UHD 620

RAM: 12GB 2400MHz DDR4

SSD: SK Hynix 240GB SSD


Making the Installer

To start, lets make our USB installer.

Go to DosDude1's Catalina Patcher and download the latest version of the DMG. Open it and run the Patcher. You may need to right click -> Open to open it. Hit continue until you see an option to "Download a copy". Go to options and uncheck Auto-apply post install patches since we don't need them. Then, hit download and then start download. The installer file is ~8GB so be patient.

Once that's done, go ahead and plug in your USB drive. Then go to your downloads folder and drag the Installer to your Applications folder. Open Disk Utility, hit view>show all devices and select your USB. Then format it. Name it "MyVolume" without the quotes and then set the partition map to GUID. Format it as MacOS Extended (Journaled). Once done, close out disk utility and open terminal. Type in this code:

sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ Catalina.app/Contents/Resources/createinstallmedia --volume /Volumes/MyVolume --nointeraction

Then hit enter and wait for a bit.

Clover and EFI

We're not done yet! Download this Clover PKG (I know about OpenCore). RightClick > Run the pkg and hit allow and allow access to the USB. Hit continue twice and then hit change install location. Choose the USB and then hit customize. Choose UEFI only and then hit Install. After it's done, hit close and move it to the trash.

Here come the downloads.

Download all of these files and put them in the downloads folder for now (we'll move them later.)


ALC-256 fixes audio

SSDT-BRT6 fixes brightness

SSDT-DDGPU disables the discrete GPU

SSDT-DMAC controlled the DMA

SSDT-EC I don't know what it does TBH

SSDT-I2C for touchpad and screen as well as keyboard


SSDT-MEM2 I don't know this one either

SSDT-UIAC needed for USB ports

SSDT-USBX limits usb power to prevent overloads

SSDT-XOSI needed for touchpad

Drivers/UEFI and/or Drivers/BIOS:



Kexts: For these extract and copy the .kext to downloads folder





Themes and Config:

Ferarmao's EFI folder (we need a few things from there)

Once the above are complete open your downloads folder and split screen with the EFI folder.


In drivers/BIOS delete everything except APFSdriverloader.

In drivers/UEFI copy AptioMemoryFix and HFSPlus.

In kexts/other copy all the .kexts downloaded, then open the EFI downloaded and copy the ones you don't have.

In themes copy Mojave from the EFI downloaded.

Lastly, copy the config.plist.

Eject your USB and plug it into your 5570 (you know, the one this guide is for?)

BIOS Settings

You'll need to change BIOS settings. Turn on your laptop and spam F2. This will go to the BIOS. Change the following:

  • Boot List Option - UEFI
  • Advanced Boot Options - all unchecked
  • UEFI Boot Path Security - Always, Except internal HDD
  • Integrated NIC - Enabled
  • SATA Operations - AHCI
  • Drives - all checked
  • USB Configuration - all checked
  • Audio - all checked
  • Miscellaneous Devices - all checked
  • Secure Boot Enable - Disabled
  • Expert Key Management - unchecked
  • Intel SGX Enable - Enabled
  • Enclave Memory Size - 64MB
  • Multi Core Support - All
  • Intel SpeedStep - checked
  • C-States Control - checked
  • Intel TurboBoost - checked
  • HyperThread Control - Enabled
  • Enable Intel Speed Shift Technology - checked
  • Fastboot - Thorough
  • Virtualization - unchecked
  • VT for Direct I/O - unchecked

In Boot Sequence, delete all boot options. Then hit add. Name it macOS USB (We'll need it temp). Choose the File name three dots and choose Cloverx64.efi inside the clover folder of your USB. Then hit ok and exit. When the laptop reboots, spam F12 and choose macOS USB (the one we made). On the screen that pops up, choose "Boot macOS Install from Install macOS Catalina". Don't be scared of the code.


If you did everything right, you'll see the macOS Utilities screen! Congratulations. Hit utilities, Disk Utility and then View -> Show all Devices. Choose your SSD and hit erase. Choose APFS, name it anything (To seem official name it "Macintosh HD") and then GUID. Then hit erase. After it says done, hit done and hit Alt-Q (CMD-Q on Mac) to quit Disk Utility. Hit install macOS and continue, and then hit continue. Then choose your new drive. Once it reboots, choose "macOS Install from Drive Name". After a bit (took 30 minutes for me), your computer will boot up! Go ahead and set it up.


Touchpad will be off, using touchscreen go into Settings > Trackpad and enable tap to click. In Displays, go to Color and choose Display P3. Delete all others if possible. Plug into ethernet or Wifi USB, like my Edimax adapter.

Once you have that, open Terminal. run "sudo diskutil list". Enter your password. Type "sudo diskutil mount disk0s1". Then, also mount the EFI of your USB. For me, "sudo diskutil mount disk3s1". Go ahead and open both in Finder side by side. Copy the EFI folder from the USB to your internal drive. Then, go ahead and close both and eject your drive.

Go to this site on your hack and download clover configurator. Move it to Applications, and right click. > open it. Go to the mount EFI tab, and hit mount partition for your Mac drive. Then, hit open in the bottom left and go to the EFI drive. Go to EFI > Clover > config.plist and hit open. In the boot tab, change default boot volume to Macintosh HD, or your drive name. Make the timeout 0, Then check -1 and fast. GO to the SMBIOS tab and choose MacBook Pro 16,3, or one matching your CPU. Then, choose generate new anywhere it shows up. then hit check coverage and make sure it shows Purchase Date not validated. You can do "This serial number isn't valid" but apple support/iservices may not like it and get suspicious. In Boot, change CustomLogo to No. In System Parameters, and then choose Get it from System. In the bottom left, choose save. Quit Clover Configurator and then shut down.

Turn it on and spam F2. Go to boot sequence and delete all boot options. Hit add boot option, name it macOS and hit the three dots next to file name. Choose EFI and choose CLOVERX64.EFI. Then, hit Apply, exit, and reboot.

End and Credits

I'd like to thank FERARMAO on GitHub for the EFI and u/ArtikusHG for getting me into the Hackintosh scene.

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