gibMacOS Options?

I'm not building a Hackintosh, but I figured this would be the best place to ask these questions since I couldn't find any sort of manual or guide for gibMacOS. I recently used this to create a bootable installer to install the Big Sur beta on an external hard drive. (I know I could have done this using the beta profile, but I wanted to avoid that route and not wreck my Catalina install by accident.)

I thought this was a nifty tool wanted to learn more about what it can offer. I haven't been able to figure out what the differences are in some of the options...

  • Change Max-OS Version
    • What exactly does this do? It didn't seem to make a difference whether I put in 10.15 or something like 10.13 - both showed the same list of products from what I could tell.
  • Change Catalog
    • This shows the following choices: customer, publicrelease, public, and developer. 'Developer' is self explanatory and includes the developer betas. It looks like 'public' includes the public betas, and 'publicrelease' is only the final released versions. What is 'customer' for?
  • Toggle Recovery-Only
    • This shows "FULL Install" products when turned on. What is the difference between this, and downloading a product with recovery-only off? I've read that recovery-only on downloads a smaller package and seems to be the option used most by the Hackintosh community. If this is true, what is the additional (unnecessary?) stuff it is downloading when recovery-only is off?

Any information would be greatly appreciated!!

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