FPS drops when using bluetooth(airpods)

Hi, I recently built a hackintosh and it is working wonderfully except for bluetooth.

The problem is usually when I play games, I connect my AirPods and go on discord and then my fps in the game stutter like crazy. For example, when I play league of legends, the fps constantly goes from 200 to 1 every couple seconds. Sometimes my ping also starts to spike from 30 to 500. This will continue until I turn off bluetooth. Another thing that would happen is that sometimes when I'm in call with my airpods/bluetooth on, youtube audio will stutter. I have disabled hardware acceleration in discord but it doesn't help.

However, I realized that when I change my system audio device to something thats not my AirPods , my fps stuttering stops. I can still be in call with my friends with my AirPods on but i just cant set my AirPods as my main audio device or else the above will happen. Also, when I disconnect my airpods and don't use bluetooth

The wifi card I bought is the Plug & Play Hackintosh M.2 NGFF WLAN BCM94360NG. I'm thinking that Mac cannot detect that the wifi and bluetooth are in one chip. If this is true, are there any solutions? Thank you!


i5 9600k

Asus Z390i Strix

RX 580

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