Everything is working fine, except for the USB audio interface. Whenever audio is playing, if there is some light demand in the background, audio would stutter/glitch.

i7 4770k (Haswell)

Gigabyte h87n-wfi

RADEON RX 580 - Red Dragon Powercolor 8gb DDR5

Already tried:

Manually dumping, decompiling/compiling SSDTs (EC and PLUG only for Haswell)

USB mapping

Injecting appleALC (even not needing it, as I won't use mobo's audio. And trying some Layout-Ids.

Connect the interface to other USB ports

boot arguments: -v keepsyms=1 AtiInject=No RadeonDeInit=Yes -v debug=0x100 keepsyms=1 alcid=2



I wonder if someone would give me some clue about what could be the cause of this issue.

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