Double GPU, double trouble/fun?

Either way, I can’t to seem to find solution for problem as follows: I have two gpus: the one that I used to install everything, familiarize and so on. Now when time came to kind of refresh hack into shape, I bought gpu, ssd, just to add some responsiveness, which is kind of not bad refresh in 10 TFs, and halfK gb write read speed. Further I’m planning to add nvme. I don’t need to much power in cpu as of right now, because this hack is for entertainment purposes. Long story short, I now hooked up everything, and gpu, the one that is new, shows black screen after apple logo, and it is small in center, in Catalina, where as in High Sierra which I had in old Hdd shows same small screen, but it’s kind of shows something, even tough it looks kind of odd, as some parts of screen overlays on top of another part, kind of like super Mario squares. I tried tweaking config in multiple ways: patches, frame buffers, smbioses, and RadeonDeInit, many other ways, nothing seems like fixing display being small, dark and centered. I write because googling so far made no progress.

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