Don’t be afraid to try OpenCore.

Honestly I only built 2 clover hacks with clover and I didn’t get what I was doing at all.

After OpenCore got released I tried that and I’m on my 3rd one!

Honestly OpenCore is soo much easier than clover and it really teaches you a lot about the inner workings of macOS to such a degree that you will know what goes wrong and how to fix it precisely and as always, it’s way smoother at running macOS and less chance of an update breaking your build unlike clover.

I know it seems daunting at first to try OpenCore from clover but it’s 1000% worth it and you will get the hang of it for sure!

Just read the guide and if you face a problem just google it and I’m sure you’ll find a solution.

Anyway I thought I’d share this to promote the move to OpenCore because it really is the future and if any one is still using clover they should really try and at least make a start on OpenCore.

Good luck !

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