Crashing during installation

Hello, this is my first hackintosh in a good while. Here are my specs:

  • i9-9900k
  • UHD 630 iGPU
  • Intel i219-V Ethernet Chipset
  • Corsair Vengeance 32GiB
  • Asus Z390-I ITX Mobo

My config.plist file

Kexts: AppleALC, IntelMausi, Lilu, NVMeFix, SMCProcessor, SMCSuperIO, VirtualSMC, & WhateverGreen

Issue: I partitioned a dedicated 256GB SSD and formatted it (GPT/APFS) and then went to install macOS on it. It goes through normally for 15 minutes~ until there's about 3 minutes left. At this point, it crashes and the verbose output comes up on the screen for a just a second (I couldn't take a picture in time) and then the PC reboots. If I boot from the USB again, there is an option to boot the OS, but then it just takes me to the same recovery page. I have gone through these exact steps 3 times now.

Could anyone help me out? Thank you so much!

EDIT: I managed to get some photos:

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