Can I install Catalina in VMware on my Ryzen 5/RTX 2070 Super PC ?

I've used Hackintosh for many years up to a few years ago, when OS X still supported nVidia GPUs.

On my new Gaming PC, which I wanted as silent as possible, I went with an RTX 2070 Super as I read many reports on the high noise levels of the RX 5700 XT, thinking I would dedicate this machine to gaming thus forgetting about a hackintosh install (also I didn't want to dual boot.)

But after all, I miss a few of my mac apps like OmniFocus and Page wich I still run on my macbook.

As those are not graphic intensive apps, does VMWare Workstation provides for a virtual gfx card (like an Intel UHD630) so that I could install Catalina though I'm running on an unsupported GPU architecture ?

I know this is a hackintosh hardware sub, so if my question doesn't belong here, could someone kindly point me to a sub where this question would be welcome ?

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