Boot is slower with since I added a 4K Monitor

Hi all,

I just updated to OC 0.6 and everything is fine.

I was waiting for this before asking for your help for an issue I have for about 1 month, since I switched my 1080p monitor to a 4K. Since then, the boot time is way longer, the loading bar seems to freeze on mid course and then go again. I don't understand what could impact this since I just switched for a new monitor.

Old monitor was plugged through Display port and everything was fine.
New Monitor is plugged through display port but I use a Display Port to HDMI to connect via HDMI on the monitor side since this is the only way I managed to have 60Hz display. (HDMI on GPU side is not 2.0 and direct Display Port as before gives me a blank screen).

GPU is GTX 780ti.

Do you have any clue?

Thank you.

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