Bluetooth card for open core?

I am planning to build a PC primarily for Hackintosh. I am flutter dev, so I require macOS as my daily driver.

I have already gone through Wireless buyers guide ( as I am planning to use open core, and I need Bluetooth to be working, the only option seems to be Fenvi cards. But they are almost unavailable in my country. So I am planning to use a wireless USB adapter for WIFI as they are fairly inexpensive using chris1111's drivers.

Is there any PCIe card which has driver support for Bluetooth?

and even if I put in some extra money in order to get a Fenvi card it seems like a lottery, going through posts. Should I chip in the extra money to import it or are there any reasonable ways to get Bluetooth working?

PS: This is the only reasonable BCM94360CD card I could find.

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