Battery problem

I have a HP Pavilion 15-au628tx laptop.

I had a dead battery. Managed for a while. I got it replaced a few days back.

I did charge and discharge normally.(while using Windows and Ubuntu)

I started using macOS(my battery isn't patched)

Now my battery doesn't charge. It remains at 0, even after charging for more than 2 hours continuously.

I had the same issue with the older battery. And I had asked about it here. People told me it was a battery issue. And it was convincing, because the battery hadn't been performing too well even before I started using macOS.

But now the same issue with a new battery 😳 i am worried now. I just spent more than ₹4000. Is it because of using a Hackintosh ? Even if there is a remote chance, tell me and I better stop using macOS. Thank You.

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