Audio aggregate device and HDMI sound

Audio aggregate device and HDMI sound


I have a question about aggregate audio and HDMI sound.

Did anybody got this working on hackintosh?

For me it doesn't seem to work. Any device i choose as the clock device doesn't give me any sound.

I use the latest appleALC.kext from opencore. I want to use it with an app called butt to stream audio. Only the webcam (USB-C) microphone have sound in this app.

All other audio choices in the app don't give any sound.

I also tried blackhole and soundflower. Same result.

Here is my setup (long story).

By default i have a lot of audio devices.

Sound preferences

I have ryzentosh build with a Gigabyte X570 mini ITX and a Radeon RX5500 connected through HDMI on my 70" samsung TV It is connected through my Yamaha HDMI amp. I can not seem to get audio over HDMI to work. Audio works over line out and internal speakers with my set of extra speakers. I have an older USB device (U46DJ), which is my default for now. Because its an AMD build (no Microphone input) I use the U46DJ for Microphone input and default sound output which works great, but because my PC is connected to an HDMI amp with three other different devices it would be nice to have HDMI sound. My TV and Amp are already connected through the ARC channel on the TV and that works good for the other devices. Now I have to turn off the speakers by hand (annoying) when switching to chromecast or set top box.

I have tried to add the RX5500 by hand in the Opencore device properties with opencore and it shows up in IO registry explorer. as HDAU@0,1 device but still no luck.

Some of you will think it is a luxury problem. Maybe it is, but audio is the reason I started my build (LogicProX). Here is a picture of my setup.

MiniITX Ryzentosh build smal blackl box on the left. Speakers,Wireless mic and headphone connected to U46DJ(red lightbox). The Amp, bookshelf speakers and settopbox are hidden this picture by my good old (vintage) DX7.

So there you have it, a successful build and two questions in one post.

I hope someone have some suggestions.



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